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Ticket rates for 2020

Buy your tickets in advance to save some cash and time waiting in line. Physical tickets will also be available for purchase at Heroes Comics in London.

Single Day - Adult Pass

Grants access to one person for either Saturday or Sunday. Your choice.

$15 - Early Bird Rate

Two Day - Adult Pass

Grants access to one person for both days. Saturday and Sunday.

$30 - Early Bird Rate

Single Day - Child Pass

Children 10 years and under. Grants access to either Saturday or Sunday.  

$10 - Always

Important Info about Your Ticket

Free Children Admission: Yes that's right. 1 (one) child who is 10 years and younger may attend at no charge if accompanied by an adult who purchased an Adult pass.  A second (and any additional) child with one adult will cost only $10 each.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  No Refunds or Exchanges. Guests are subject to cancellation or schedule changes at any time.  Some guests may charge additional fees for autographs. All events have limited seating capacities and are offered on a first come, first served basis. Wristbands and lanyards are non transferable. NOT FOR RESALE.

Terms and Conditions of your Ticket. Please read carefully.

Important: Treat your Ticket as you would cash. The Ticket contains a unique barcode that will be redeemed only once at the show. If for any reason a copy of this ticket was made, the first scanned Ticket to arrive at the event will be valid, while the second ticket with the same ID/barcode will be denied . Event staff will be able to verify the legitimate buyer by checking the credit card and / or photo ID. We recommend that all customers bring the credit card that was used to make this purchase to the event. The holder of this ticket assumes all responsibilities for any risk of bodily harm or loss of any cause whatsoever either before, during or after the event. The management reserves the right to refuse this ticket by refunding the purchase price.