Photo Ops


PHOTO OPS? What’s that?

A timed, in person moment with your favorite guest captured forever by a professional photographer:

  • Each Photo Op includes one 8×10 printed photo and a complimentary .JPG digital file
  • Up to FOUR fans per op – you can share the cost of your Photo Op and get in a group pic! You can purchase additional prints on site too.
  • Spaces for photo ops are limited and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Any remaining Photo Op tickets will also be sold on-site at the show.


  • valid pass to LONDON COMIC CON is required in order to redeem your Photo Op ticket.


Can I get my autographs during the Photo Op?

The Photo Op time slots are strictly for Photo Ops only. Autographs are not included and getting items signed are not permitted in the Photo Op Area, but you are more than welcome to meet guests a second time and purchase an Autograph at the Media Guest’s table in the Autograph Area!

Do I require a ticket for my friend if they want to be in the Photo Op with me?

Up to four people (not including the Guest(s)) are permitted in the photo at no additional charge with a single photo op booking. If you want to bring in three friends, or a spouse, kids, etc., you are more than welcome to!

I've purchased a Photo Op, but I don't have a pass to the convention, can I still redeem my Photo Op?

Admission to LONDON COMIC CON is required in order to redeem your Photo Op. If you are planning on purchasing Photo Ops, please make sure that you have also purchased the necessary pass to the convention.

If I have a weekend pass, do I choose the day for my Photo Op or it assigned to me?

Photo Ops are purchased per session and not per Guest. For example, if your favourite celebrity is doing Photo Ops Saturday and Sunday, you will need to choose if you’re going to purchase a Saturday Photo Op, or a Sunday Photo Op.

  • You do not need to line up ahead of time for your Photo Ops. You only need to line up for your Photo Op 5-15 minutes beforehand. Lining up more than 15 minutes prior to your Photo Op will result in security asking you to leave the area until it is time for your Photo Op.
  • Photo Ops will be available to pre-purchase online. It is highly recommended that you purchase your Photo Ops in advance. If you wait to purchase on-site, then you run the risk of the session selling out.
  • Only a limited amount of Photo Ops are available per session. Photo Ops are sold per session as opposed to per Guest. There will be a limited amount of Photo Ops per session. Once a session sells out, you can purchase Photo Ops for the next open session, if available.
  • Please do not be late for your Photo Op. Once the Photo Op line is finished, the Guests leave to go back to their Autograph tables or to take breaks. If you arrive after the scheduled start time, and the Guest has left the area, no refunds will be available.

Is an Autograph included in the price of a Photo Op?

No, Autograph fees and Photo Op fees are separate.